“I believe strongly that each of us has a duty to serve our community and to try and leave it a better place. The challenges we face are substantial, and the darkness that has crept to the center of our politics is threatening. But acting together, and for the good of the whole, we have the power we need to create the world we want.”

Ryan chats with folks at the Save Our Hospital rally

Protecting Workers

Over the past 40 years, the biggest corporations have gained massive wealth and power. By combining and consolidating, these giants have come to dominate our economy and have used their money to corrupt our politics. Workers, small businesses, families and entire communities have paid the price. This is why, despite the fact that we are four times richer than we were forty years ago, economic security and upward mobility have shriveled for so many of us.

Every one of us should be able support ourselves and our families through our own hard work. Too many families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. That is why as a state legislator, Ryan worked with community groups, faith leaders and nonprofits to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour. And, set the minimum wage to rise with inflation so it keeps up with the increasing prices of the things Minnesotans buy. But raising the minimum wage is not enough.

As your Representative Ryan will continue supporting organized labor and its fight for decent wages and more security for ALL workers. The attacks against workers and their unions is why families struggle with stagnant wages and rising costs, and worry about retirement, health care and the cost their children’s education. We have more than enough wealth to provide security and upward mobility for all Americans, but it will only happen when workers are organized, unionized, and engaged in politics.

Making Health Care Affordable

As your Representative, Ryan will focus on controlling health care costs by shifting to a single-payer system. Minnesotans are suffering because their ability to purchase affordable health insurance is eroding, and health care costs continue to rise. Our state must continue its historical leadership in this arena and work toward a single-payer system. Too many people lack quality, affordable care and all Minnesotans should have access to what they need to be healthy, regardless of ability to pay.

We also must address our state’s opioid crisis. Since 2000, deaths from opioid overdoses have increased exponentially in Minnesota. Most people who become addicted to opioids are first overly prescribed pain medications, and then subsequently have their opioid addiction treated with more opioids such as Methadone. We cannot let this continue. In the legislature, Ryan will propose policies that stop drug companies’ from giving incentives to doctors to prescribe opioids, and will work to secure and maintain funding that supports the state’s efforts to contain the crisis.

Protecting Lives

After repeated mass shootings and on-going gun deaths, Minnesota should finally be ready to take some action to improve the safety and security of all of us. Ryan is a gun owner and has been his whole life. Guns for him evoke hunting and the outdoors, family traditions and craftsmanship. Ryan understands why people want to preserve that tradition. But he cares more about the safety of our kids in school than he does about taking extra steps to use and enjoy firearms. Most gun owners do

As your Representative, Ryan will support and advance these commonsense solutions.

  • First, Minnesota should not permit the manufacture, sale, distribution or possession of bump stocks and large capacity magazines that give semi-automatic rifles the attributes of automatic weapons.
  • Second, we should require firearms safety instruction for all purchasers of firearms. That, and a background check, should be required before anyone is allowed to buy a gun from a dealer, at a show or from a private party.
  • Third, we should study gun violence and how to prevent it. This is a public health problem, and the legislature needs to enact a law allowing the Minnesota Department of Health to collect information about gun ownership, study the problem, and meet this threat with facts in order to persuade people to change their behavior.

Fighting for Justice

For too long, justice and opportunity have only been certain for some Minnesotans. That reality needs to change. Your zip code should not predict whether you will have access to quality health care, and the opportunities available to you should not be limited by your last name, your race or your gender.

As your Representative, Ryan will advocate for community policing, for removing corporate profits from the justice system, and for higher pay and smaller caseloads for our public defenders. He will also fight to reform a criminal justice system in Minnesota that unduly punishes people of color and lower-income Minnesotans.

Ensuring that economic opportunity is available to all means protecting Minnesotans rights in the workplace. Ryan will work to fully enforce Minnesota’s Human Rights Act, to ensure that no one in Minnesota is discriminated against based on their race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability. Shady financial scammers often target low-income and immigrant communities, and Ryan will fight back against those that seek to exploit the most vulnerable and keep the trapped in a cycle of debt and economic insecurity.

Preserving Minnesota’s Natural Resources

Minnesota’s environment is one of our most precious resources. Our lakes, rivers and streams; forests, plants and prairies; and the abundance of wildlife need our protection. We are facing significant challenges, such as understanding how our environment is tolerating or adapting to a changing climate; new and present pollutants and the effects they have on the environment and health; and carbon emission reductions and the steps we are taking to create a Clean Power Plan.

Global climate change is one of our biggest challenges. Because of human pollution, our world’s climate and weather patterns are changing in devastating ways. Nevertheless, President Trump and Republicans want to make the problem worse. They’ve killed the Clean Power Plan, pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, and they demonize science every chance they get.

Where the Trump Administration has left a vacuum of leadership, Minnesota will step in. As your Representative, Ryan will work with policymakers across the state so that Minnesota meets its share of the Paris Climate Accord commitment. We need to reduce our carbon emissions and increase our use of renewable energy in the decades to come.