Thank you

“At the SD46 DFL convention the delegates in 46A performed an important service for our campaigns, for our party, and for our democratic system by participating at the Senate District 46 convention. Regardless of which cause or campaign, or sense of excitement or duty, that brought them there, I want to thank all for participating. We cannot create the kind of society we want without our own active involvement.

I am honored by the DFL endorsement yesterday. Thank you. I take seriously my promise to deliver policies that will serve the people of Saint Louis Park, Golden Valley, Plymouth and Medicine Lake. I hope and expect to be held to that high standard.

As Brittany Edwards demonstrated so well in her campaign, the active involvement of committed people for candidates and causes is powerful. The kind of organizing work that Brittany has done is essential for us to change a power dynamic that too often unfairly benefits people with money and power at the expense of our families and communities. Brittany’s vision of active, involved and empowered people leading the way is exactly what we should strive to achieve. She performed an important service by running, and deserves our thanks.

We have a lot of work to do in order to elect a DFL majority in the Minnesota House, replace Erik Paulsen in Congress, and elect a new DFL governor. Much of that work must be done right here in our district and in the communities immediately surrounding us. I hope that you will join me in knocking on doors, donating money, making phone calls, marching in parades and doing all the grunt work that leads to a successful election.

We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, but great promise for progress, too. The demands are great, but the outcome can be greater still. Let’s keep it up.”

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